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What is a Striptease?

What is the definition of Striptease?


According to Wikipedia, a striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner.


At Extreme Entertainment | Deepcreek Party Strippers, it is when the hottest girl you have ever been in the same room with comes to your home and puts on a private show for you and your friends, making your event the biggest hit possible.


The origins of striptease as art are disputed. Depending on your expert of choice, it could have been as early as ancient Babylonia or as late as 20th century America. No matter where it was invented, everyone loves a good striptease. There is nothing as iconic as a movie scene where the leading lady seduces the leading man with an impromptu striptease.


Are you Aroused Yet?


The purpose of a striptease is to arouse the viewer. Combining disrobing with dance and music, the striptease performer draws the audience into a world of seduction and arousal. Each audience member is lost in their own vision of the fantasy created by our local female strippers.


The Striptease Artist


Not everyone is cut out to be a striptease artist. Local female strippers from Extreme Entertainment are talented, playful, and eager to please the audience.


Atmosphere Matters


While a girl dancing and taking off her clothes sounds hard to beat, the atmosphere plays a big role in the success of the striptease. Clubs try their best to make the girls enticing by using lighting and music. This generally works but it tends to lose intimacy. A show in your home or Deep Creek lake rental can be a better experience.


Music is a Big Part of the Show


While each Deep Creek stripper has her own style, the music that she performs to helps set the proper mood. When the dancer is in a club, the music tends to be louder and has to be used by all of the dancers. An at-home show allows the dancer more freedom in selecting music and setting its volume. This can make for a much more intimate show for the audience.




Our local female strippers are masters of seduction. They know how to interact with the audience to get the maximum reaction. It is not always easy to get everyone watching to participate. Just being a beautiful girl is not always enough to bring guys out of their shells. Performers use dance moves, eye contact, and even interaction with other performers to draw everyone present into the performance.


Where Can I Get a Striptease?


While the most common venue for a striptease is a strip club, nothing beats the experience of an in-home striptease show with or Deep Creek strippers. Please call Extreme Entertainment | Deepcreek Party Strippers and schedule a show that your friends will be talking about for years to come.