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Stripper Q&A: Deep Creek edition

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a Deep Creek party stripper in our interview with Eve.

There are many preconceptions about strippers, what they are like, and why they chose to work in this industry.  In this interview with Eve, one of our Deep Creek local female strippers, we get a personal look at the women that chose this profession. The interview shows how shallow the preconceived ideas about Deep Creek strippers and the lives that they live are and what the reality of working as an entertainer is. There is a lot more to being a bachelor party stripper than just working on having a hot body, taking good care of your hair and skin, and bringing playful energy to everyone’s party. We ask Eve about the special requirements for putting on private parties in Deep Creek as a stripper and exotic entertainer. There are no strip clubs in Deep Creek so finding local female strippers is more complicated than going to the strip club on the edge of town. Eve works with Extreme Entertainment | Deep Creek Party Strippers and travels to homes in the area and dances at private parties.

Here is our interview with Eve

How did you choose your stage name?


It is my great aunt’s name. Everyone said that I resembled her so it was natural to use her name for my stage name. It is like having a superhero identity. I’m a lot more fun when I become Eve.


How did you start dancing?


A girl at college was working for a different company, there are really only two in the area, and was not happy. She heard about Extreme Entertainment and asked me to go with her to meet the owner. He was so nice and professional. Since they do private parties, it seemed like a safer environment than a club. We have been dancing for him ever since.


How did you learn all of the dance moves and games that you perform at parties?


It was so easy for me because I have been taking aerobics classes for years. Extreme Entertainment has things worked out really well so it was easy to learn and the other girls and Greg took the time to help me. But at the party and the guys are having fun, I just enjoy myself and do what fits the moment.


Do you mind stripping in a small area like Deep Creek?


It is a small place but most of the parties are visitors from Pittsburgh or Washington DC. Guys come to the lake for a bachelor party and want us to entertain them. A lot of them spent the day golfing or boating so we bring a lot of energy for them. It’s a lot of fun to party with guys on their vacation.


Are there alternatives for local female strippers?


No, Deep Creek does not have any strip clubs and the other agency is not really local. Only Extreme Entertainment offers a good work environment with the best customers.


Do your family and friends know about your work?


Some do. I try to keep a low profile. That’s why I’m not on the website. My family and friends support me in everything I do but future employers might not be so open-minded. I’m happy and love my job. The people in my life support that.


What is a typical party like?


There isn’t really a typical party. The host works out what they want with Greg and he makes sure that the party goes as planned. We just follow his lead and have fun.


Do you have another job or attend school?


I just graduated college and I’ll be starting law school in the fall. I have a vanilla job in the winter when there are few parties.


Do you like dancing at private parties?


It’s the best. I wouldn’t have been doing this if I had to work at a club. The guys at parties are so sweet and fun. Extreme Entertainment takes the time to get to know the party host a little bit so we are comfortable going to their house. It is fun knowing that you are going to be a big part of how all of the guys remember the wedding.


What is your advice for girls looking to get into stripping?


Do it for the right reason. It is a fun job but you have to make sure not to get too caught up in the party lifestyle. Too much partying and you can’t perform for the guys. That’s why they call us and not other girls. It’s not easy balancing having fun and being responsible. Picking a good company to work for helps a lot.


Thanks to Eve for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to book the prettiest girls in Deep Creek to entertain your party guests, call Extreme Entertainment | Deep Creek Party Strippers.